Booking procedure

You can easily book your transfer according to your favorite ways of communication: directly on the website via reservation form, by telephone, WhatsApp, Viber or Facebook Messenger.

Airport Vienna Taxi accepts all online bookings up until 2 hours before the scheduled transfer. If you need a trip within the next 2 hours, please contact our Customer Service team to check our availability. We will certainly do our best to help you! However, our advice is to book the transfer as early as possible.

Using the private transfer services offered by Airport Vienna Taxi, you will know in advance what is the price you need to pay for the trip. The transfer price is fixed and it does not depend on the time spent in the traffic or on the chosen route. You will also save time because you do not have to look for other means of transport. Our drivers will be waiting for you at the required place to take you safely to your destination.

No. Airport Vienna Taxi offers only private transfer services. This means that you are the only passengers on the vehicle. No other people are expected to arrive and no additional stops will be done.


Airport Vienna Taxi offers two ways of payment: cash (directly to the driver) or by credit card in the vehicle (in this case, a 5 EUR bank fee will be charged). The price is accurate, without any further hidden costs.

Yes, an extra cost of 5 EUR (bank fee) is charged for card payments in the vehicle.

In case of cash or card payment to the driver, you will receive the invoice after paying for the trip. Additionally, you may contact us to send you an invoice in PDF through email.

Meeting your driver

From the airport
The details of the place where you will meet the driver are provided in your booking confirmation email. The driver will be waiting for you in the arrival hall until you get your luggage and pass the Customs.
To the airport If you are picked up from the hotel, the driver will meet you at the hotel's reception or outside hotel entrance. In case you need to be picked up from an apartment or private villa, the driver will arrive at the location at the scheduled time. In other cases, please provide us with an address and specific details (landmarks, etc.) where you want to be expected.

Airport Vienna Taxi monitors the flight schedule, so the driver will be waiting for you at the right time, regardless of the flight delay. If your flight number changes, it is rescheduled or you experience major delays (more than 2 hours), please call the 24/7 Assistance Line provided on your booking confirmation email.

On the one hand, the driver monitors the flight arrival time and waits for no more than one hour after the airplane has landed. If a member of your group is held up when checking baggage or customs, please let us know. On the other hand, for the transfers to the airport, the driver will wait for no more than 10 minutes after the scheduled time. If you are unable to contact us via the assistance phone number within these set deadlines, you may be left unattended. There is a waiting fee (after free waiting time) that will be charged 10 EUR. every started 10 min

If you cannot contact the driver by phone, please call the 24/7 Assistance number provided in your booking confirmation email and our Customer Service team will immediately assist you.

Traveling with pets

Pets are only welcomed when in crates. Hope you understand that after you there will be other passengers and we need to take care of our vehicles. Before booking taxi , please contact us to check size of a crate.